Meet's hallmark is simplicity,  here you let the meat play the main role. As a guest, you are met by a very passionate and knowledgeable staff who do everything to just you should get an experience beyond the ordinary. You choose between side orders such as handmade french fries strips, sauces for it's own selected meat grilled to perfection in the kitchen. The king of these is, of course, the legendary Kobe steak. The result is a sensual pleasure for a meat lover. So tender and tasty that you can not help but write poetry about the experience.

At Meet we specialize in meat and also have our own hung tender  meat. Feel free to ask our staff what is available.

Restaurant Meet has been nominated for the year's meat restaurant for several years in a row and is considered  of many to be one of  the most popular meat restaurants  on the West Coast of Sweden.   Thereto  have we  attracted attention with very positive reviews of e.g.  Tripadvisor read more here  »  Also most important of all, wonderful feedback  of our constantly returning guests.