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Every piece of the puzzle is important

A successful restaurant visit is like a big puzzle where each piece is important and has its meaning. With us, of course, the kitchen & the meat are our absolute biggest pieces of the puzzle, but, the interior design of the dining room is an important corner piece that holds the whole puzzle together and that strongly contributes to your visit to us becoming a well-found experience.

Interior design that lasts

When we planned the interior for Restaurant Meet, the goal was to create a design and well-being factor that you as a guest want to return to, a concept that would also last over time. Since then, in addition to continuous maintenance, we have always worked with small improvements at the level of detail, but always according to the basic concept we started sketching on almost 15 years ago.

That we then still have constantly recurring guests, we see as a warm and clear confirmation that we chose the right path to work from the outside.

A level of comfort beyond the ordinary

The overall experience at Restaurant Meet is defined and framed by our concept around the interior. The level of comfort should be as high as your expectations of our food, regardless of which table you get. It does not matter if you booked a visit with us 1 year in advance or managed to get a last minute booking.


As a guest at Restaurant Meet, you can expect a seating and service where the staff always strives to make your table the best.

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